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    • Renaissance of Taste. The Art of Tea Tasting.*|RN|**|RN|*The art of tea has been developed and refined for thousands of years in Chinese history. It signifies the pursuit of the essence of inner and outer beauty. Honoring tea traditions, Renaissance of Tea desires to infuse new life into the art of tea from the perspective of contemporary aesthetics.*|RN|**|RN|*Renaissance of Tea, through a delicate manner of tea preparation, invites you to embark on an enchanting and mellow journey of tea tasting—in which your gentle conversation with tea begins, your sense of taste is purified, *|RN|*and your mind finds peace. Savoring a cup of art, you are to appreciate the meaning of life.*|RN|**|RN|*The Renaissance of Tea team is always here to serve a tea of dreams.*|RN|**|RN|**|RN|*▲ ABOUT Renaissance of Tea*|RN|**|RN|*Renaissance of Tea was established in 2007 by the Kuan sisters who have a passionate interest in tea culture. They created an elegant space for tea tasting in hopes of guests being able to take pleasure in vivid flavors and characters of each variety of tea in this quiet hideout from the hustle and bustle.*|RN|**|RN|*The Renaissance of Tea team perfectly combines the Chinese tea ceremony and aesthetics. Dedicated to promoting this new lifestyle, Renaissance of Tea is internationally recognized as the leading brand in the tea industry. *|RN|**|RN|**|RN|**|RN|*▲ 100% Taiwanese tea and each leaf was picked by hand.*|RN|**|RN|*▲ 《Xi Jing Man Huo》tea gift box won the IF design award in Germany in 2017.*|RN|**|RN|*▲ 《De Xian》tea gift box won the How magazine design award in New York in 2014.*|RN|**|RN|**|RN|*【STORE】*|RN|**|RN|*▲ DRYWTEA Eslite Songyan store *|RN|**|RN|*Add./ 3F,No.88,Yanchang Road, Xinyi Dist.,Taipei city 110, Taiwan (R.O.C.) *|RN|*Tel./ +886.2.66385199 *|RN|*Open hour / Mon.-Sun. 11:00~22:00*|RN|**|RN|*▲ DRYWTEA Taipei Marriott Hotel TM Midtown *|RN|**|RN|*Add./ 1F., No.199, Lequn 2nd Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.) *|RN|*Tel./ +886.2.85027552 *|RN|*Open hour / Mon.-Sun. 11:00~22:00*|RN|*
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