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Mix tea bag box ● DRYWTEA ● Taiwanese tea

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    • Brand name:Dan Ran You Wei - Renaissance of taste(DRYWTEA)
    • Contents:Mix tea bag box 15packets
    • Size:10*10*16.5(cm)
    • Net weight :45g
    • Gross weight:149g
    • Storage:Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

    Key Features

    The Renaissance of Tea team visits tea plantations every year to discuss with their owners and tea artisans the desired level of fermentation and roasting based on the season and climate. Renaissance of Tea tasters then evaluate and select the finest teas so to make sure that every cup offered will bring guests a heart-touching moment.


    ▲ Tea bag series launched in cooperation with Mr. Lee Xiao Kun.


    ▲ Mix tea bag box

    - Dongding oolong tea bag
    Dongding Oolong, harvested from the Dong Ding Mountain tea growing area at altitudes between 600 to 800 meters in Lugu, Nantou County, Taiwan, is a medium fermented tea widely embraced by Taiwanese in early times. Once infused, the tightly rolled leaves in semi-ball shape create a honey-gold mellow cup with roasted notes, fruity endnotes and flowery overtones. A luscious companion with meals.

    - Jinsyuan oolong tea bag
    One of the most popular Oolong varieties, this tea is made of Taiwan exclusive “Jinsyuan” fresh tea leaves. The yellowish-golden infusion is highlighted by a rich milky aroma, brisk fragrance of mountain air, and a hint of velvety sweetness. A tapestry of fragrance.

    - Honey oolong tea bag
    This flush features fresh tea leaves which are naturally fermented after bitten by small green leafhoppers and a delicate fruity scent. This memorable amber infusion is embellished with an alluringly rich aroma of Spanish limes and a hint of mint, leaving the crisp and sweet freshness on the palate. Unforgettable.

    - Ruby black tea tea bag(Taiwan Tea No.18)
    Grown in Yuchi town, Nantou County, Taiwan, this tea is also called Sun Moon Red, 
    an Assamica tea cultivar which was first grown on the mountains around Sun Moon Lake when imported to Taiwan in 1925. This tea has a distinctive brisk mint flavor, an aromatic blueberry taste, and a touch of subtle astringency, leaving a rich aftertaste.

    - Sansia bi luo chun tea bag(green tea)
    This delicate green tea boasts “Qing Xin Gan Zai” cultivar exclusively found in Taiwan. The beautifully fragrant tea leaves, rolled into a tight spiral, infuse into a clear jade-green cup that yields a sweet and fresh aftertaste.

    ▲ 100% Taiwanese tea and each leaf was picked by hand.

    ▲ 《Xi Jing Man Huo》tea gift box won the IF design award in Germany in 2017.

    ▲ 《De Xian》tea gift box won the How magazine design award in New York in 2014.


    ≡ Place of Origin ≡

    - Sansia bi luo chun tea bag(green tea)
    Sansia, Taiwan

    Ruby black tea tea bag(Taiwan Tea No.18)
    Nantou, Taiwan

    - Honey oolong tea bag
    Lugu, Taiwan

    - Jinsyuan oolong tea bag
    Nantou, Taiwan

    - Dongding oolong tea bag
    Lugu, Taiwan

    Main Export Market

    Hong Kong ,Macau ,Mainland China ,Singapore ,Taiwan

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